On their sixth studio album "Wanderer," The Intersphere show with enormous diversity how far the search for innovative sounds can take a band in the classic rock lineup. The figurehead for modern rock music pursues the approach to electronic elements with bravura. The Intersphere 2023 stand for maximum musical curiosity and a spirit of discovery that could not better depict the ambivalence of our time. In the lyrics of "Wanderer", singer Christoph Hessler alternates between personal introspection and socio-politically alert observation - The Intersphere's work is also inconceivable without this perspective. The Intersphere shy away neither from the big hookline nor from dramatic harmonic arcs in their border crossings to post-rock, metal and pop. Thus, the quartet remains internationally on par with acts like Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood and Thrice in every respect. Box Includes: CD Digipak Coloured Vinyl Vinyl Slipmat Fine Artwork Prints "Surprise"