Awake Again

AWAKE AGAIN - No Matter How The World Turns [DIGIPAK CD]
Finnish alternative metal outfit Awake Again has attracted a lot of interest in recent years, both in Finland and abroad. The album is full of pounding riffs, aggressive vocals and big, catchy choruses that manifest the band's wide musical range. The mood of the album varies from impressive aggression with songs like Enmity and Busy Doing Nothing to raw emotion with songs like Look Around and Fall. For about half of the album, the band was assisted in the writing and production process by established professionals: Finnish producer/songwriter mastermind Jonas Olsson, who has previously worked with major pop artists such as Robin and Finnish metal giant Amorphis, as well as Danish songwriter Christoffer Stjerne (H.E.R.O.) and Finnish producer/songwriter Lauri Hämäläinen contributed to the album. "It was really a privilege to work with these great professionals, and from these sessions we really learned a lot and got the confidence to develop our own ideas," says guitarist Kasper Hellström. The album features an artist who is no stranger to metal fans around the world; Lena Scissorhands of the band Infected Rain. CD in digipak. 1. Enmity 2. Into Two 3. Look Around 4. Rise 5. Busy Doing Nothing 6. Happy Place 7. White Rage 8. Fall 9. Martyr 10. Spark