Smile And Burn

SMILE AND BURN - Besser Sein Als Jetzt [RECYCLED 10" MLP]
The new album "Besser sein als jetzt" of the punk rock institution Smile And Burn! The LP comes as a 10" and is limited to 500 pieces. Each copy is a true unique piece due to the recycled color mix. Recycled 10" vinyl, limited to 100 copies. A1. Egal Was Gestern War A2. In Vielen Farben A3. Dieses Stück Hoffnung A4. Mensch Das Koks Sieht Klasse Aus A5. Krätze B1. Ja Ja Mehr Mehr B2. Scheißsystem B3. Meine Besten Ideen B4. Wir Haben Reden Gehalten B5. Computer Spielen

SMILE AND BURN - Morgen Anders [CD]
Somehow nothing is like it was and somehow it feels familiar: Smile And Burn are back. The three of them. And that in German, too. After two band members left, the band had to make a small new start: Morgen Anders. The themes are an update of what has always been on the band's mind and how it hasn't lost a cent of urgency even in ten years: The powerlessness with which man stands in the way of man, the selfie society that separates man from man, and man's own despair that makes man dangerous to man. In addition, there is the necessary portion of anger about why we can't simply do everything differently starting tomorrow. CD in jewelcase. 1. Zubetoniert 2. Zünde Mich An 3. Nicht Da 4. Mit Allem Falsch 5. Leben Lang 6. Morgen Anders 7. Kalendersprüche 8. Die Schönsten Bilder 9. Weinschorle 10. Fühlt Sich Das Nach Ende An