With their double album "Dual" released this spring, however, Alexander Veljanov and Ernst Horn have once again raised the bar a good deal higher. But what resonates above all, despite all the sophisticatedly designed and lavishly decorated packaging, is the musical realization of a more than ambitious project, namely the juxtaposition of ten selected cover songs on one album and ten of their own compositions, each created specifically for these tracks. Once this idea was put into practice, however, the charismatic duo produced such a wealth of material that another album, "Dual +", is now released, partly continuing the concept of "Dual" without limiting themselves to the strict pairing of cover songs and their own songs. With "Dual +" Deine Lakaien now present another fine collection of idiosyncratic cover versions, associated or even independent original compositions and a remix, which reveals the spectacular musical range of the duo in all its facets and once again takes the sworn fan base on an extraordinary journey. CD in 7" Artbook, limited. 1. Cradle Song 2. Nightfall 3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 4. Self-Seeker 5. Run (2nd Version) 6. Losing My Religion 7. Mr. DNA 8. Altruist 9. Fork 10. Wiegenlied

With their idiosyncratic cover version of the classic "Because The Night" composed by Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen and the corresponding original composition "Because Of Because", Alexander and Ernst have already paved the way for an extraordinary concept album, which on the one hand consists of a fascinating selection of cover songs that one would hardly expect even as a long-time Lakaien fan familiar with the duo's enormous range of musical forms of expression. On the other hand, above all, there is another album of original songs, which, however, refer musically or thematically to the respective cover songs. Their impressively extensive, musically multi-layered biography of their work, which has been continued with the two most recent anniversary compilations "XXX. The 30 Years Retrospective" (2016) and "The 30 Years Retrospective: Live" (2018), they now add another charismatic gem with the double album "Dual". Artbook (30x30cm) with three CDs, 48 pages, hotfoil-embossed cover, enhanced artwork, limited. Tracklist CD 1 1. Because Of Because 2. Sick Cinema 3. In Your Eyes 4. Snow 5. Happy Man 6. Run 7. Les Oiseaux 8. Unknown Friend 9. Qubit Man 10. Someone To Come Home To Tracklist CD 2 1. Because The Night 2. Spoon 3. The Walk 4. Dust In The Wind 5. Suspended In Gaffa 6. La Chanson Des Vieux Amants 7. Black Hole Sun 8. Lady D'Arbanville 9. Song Of The Flea 10. My December Tracklist CD 3 1. Because Of Because (2nd Version) 2. Am Fenster (Live Acoustic)