Monsters Of Liedermaching

After 14 years and seven live albums, the first studio album of the Monsters of Liedermaching is now released. Enormously tasteful and glittering, but still true to their own style. A rather smart collection of wonderful lyrics and extremely charming melodies, charmingly and filigree refined to bewitch the world. For everyone. Now their exuberant-bizarre gems shine in musical perfection and let the worthy listeners melt away. Organically mature, the melodies float through the air and settle in the ears. Lyrically, one may speak of lyricism, but without drifting into pretentious pandering: it's about firefighters and crappy CDs, To Do lists and socks. Hitmen vs. Venice's street swimmers, morning stars shine thanks to Photoshop, little Lilly has a drug problem and the institute doesn't approve, cats fight dogs, love is offered a safe rock, and all that is just a snippet of the diverse topics the Monsters have tackled on the 19 songs here. "Damn entertaining, the new album!", you might say. But one should not curse, after all. Therefore so: Lively, fresh and loving, the whole big miscellany. Everything there and everything for everyone, and the day starts happily. Also suitable for exuberant night dancing. Timeless, because that proves style. Curious? Hopefully. CD in digipak. 1. Scheiss CD 2. Strassenschwimmer Von Venedig 3. To Do Liste 4. Socken 5. Das Schaf 6. Feuerwehrleute 7. Ich Sonnenschein 8. Auftragskiller Für Die Mafia 9. Nur Mit Dir 10. Photoshop 11. Schlauwalzer 12. Dein Fels 13. Sag Mir Doch 14. Kleine Lilly 15. Katz Und Hund 16. Mein Hund 17. Supermann 18. Institut 19. Morgenstern

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