DIABLO - When All The Rivers Are Silent [DIGIPAK CD]
One of the biggest names in the Finnish metal scene, the masters of outlaw metal DIABLO present their seventh album WHEN ALL THE RIVERS ARE SILENT. The album is an honest, personal and merciless story collection, as singer Rainer Nygård states: "There are no Hollywood endings in real life no matter what Sunrise Avenue is singing. I did this my way." CD in digipak. 1. The Well Of Grief 2. Unhola 3. Grace Under Pressure 4. Jack Of All Mistakes 5. Titan 6. The Stranger 7. The Extinctionist 8. Shackles Of Fear 9. Parathon 10. When The Rivers Are Silent

DIABLO - Silvër Horizon [CD]
After a six-year hiatus, the Finns from Diablo are back - with a long player that is just as heavy as expected from the quartet. In their home country, the new metal epic Silver Horizon (2015, Sakara) already landed at the top of the charts right away and will now also see the light of day in our country. You can look forward to a more aggressive and experimental successor to the last album Icaros (2008, Sakara), which is also based on the story of a science fiction novel of the 50s. Diablo's band history includes a total of six albums, several chart positions and tours with Children of Bodom and Cannibal Corpse, and a major tour and several festival dates are on the horizon for 2016. CD in jewelcase. 1. The Call 2. Isolation 3. The Serpent Holder 4. Into The Void 5. Illuminati 6. Prince Of The Machine 7. Silver Horizon 8. Savage 9. Corium Black 10. Voyage To Eternity