Product number: OMN22796
Product information "ZWO EINS RISIKO - Zwo Eins Risiko! [BLACK VINYL]"
Someday they'll bash each other's heads in again," grandma once said about the two brothers Val and Leo. Fortunately, that never happened. But the murderous sound of Zwo Eins Risiko did. Rousing bass riffs and energetic drum grooves create unique, brutal rock music that makes you expect far more than just two people. The foundation stone of their band was laid by the two already next to numerous building blocks in the common children's room. They delivered the first milestone "HERZ", their debut EP, in the summer of 2019. The impact, phenomenal: the EP climbed into the top 25 of the German alternative charts and made it into Udo Lindenberg's Panikpreis final.

Black vinyl.

1. Speed
2. Tanzt wie du bumst
3. Schwarzer Spiegel
4. Hollywood
5. Geier
6. Tokio
7. Serienkiller
8. König vom Kiez
9. Hölle
10. Träumer
Artist: Zwo Eins Risiko
Color effect: Single color
Label/Manufacturer: Odyssey Music Network
Genre: Alternative Rock