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Product number: OMN.RR029
Product information "ROYAL REPUBLIC - Club Majesty [NEON PINK VINYL]"
Royal Republic don’t believe in ‘guilty pleasures’ – only pleasures, free of compromise. The band who has become Sweden's most addictive rock'n'roll export is now re-releasing its fourth album Club Majesty in a special neon pink vinyl edition, on the occasion of its four year anniversary.
Plenty of people have tried to label the band. Garage rock, pop rock, kung-fu rock and even Chuck Norris rock are all tags that have been devised for Royal Republic's punchy, propulsive brand of rock’n’roll. With their fourth album Club Majesty, ‘disco rock’ has been added to the mix. “I love the word ‘disco’,” singer Adam Grahn says. “But some people will say ‘but you’re a rock band!’ We’re a band. I never knew what to call us.”
If you like Royal Republic, you’ll love Club Majesty. And for the uninitiated – rock fan, pop lover, metal-head or otherwise – you’ve arrived at an excellent time. All are welcome here, so step inside…

Neon pink vinyl.

Fireman and Dancer
Can’t Fight The Disco
Under Cover
Like A Lover
Blunt Force Trauma
Fortune Favors
Flower Power Madness
Stop Movin’
Artist: Royal Republic
Color effect: Single color
Label/Manufacturer: Odyssey Music Network
Genre: Alternative Rock