POWER PLUSH - Coping Fantasies [DIGIPAK CD]


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Product number: OMN22838
Product information "POWER PLUSH - Coping Fantasies [DIGIPAK CD]"
This is plush indie pop with a touch of power and a good pinch of softness. The songs serve as a shelter for the listener, offering a gentle shoulder to lean on and giving the warm feeling of being in good hands. Dreamy harmonies and catchy hooks combine with self-empowering lyrics and tough attitude to let all the "Feelz" out together.


Leave me alone
Nothing left to lose
She changed
All I see
Emergency // Freeze
Girl, he toxic
Make me happy
Trash can
Artist: Power Plush
Label/Manufacturer: Beton Klunker Tonträger, Odyssey Music Network
Genre: Indie Pop